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We are a family-run Spanish company with 50 years of experience in manufacturing plastic products. At our facilities in Albuixech (Valencia), we comprehensively carry out the creating process of our products: we design the article, manufacture the moulds and inject the parts.


The following are the fundamental corporate principles of ITM, which are the basis of the entire Corporate Social Responsibility system that is present in ITM.

Imagen de un certificado de calidad otorgado a ITM.

ITM's Corporate Principles:

  1. Act in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.
  2. Behave honestly and promote a culture of integrity as well as ethical behavior.
  3. Treat all men and women in an equitable and respectful manner, respecting and defending human rights and non-discrimination in business activity.
  4. Transparency and commitment in ITM activities.
  5. Guarantee of quality and safety of the products.
  6. Environmental communication: workers, collaborators, suppliers and clients.
  7. Leadership and personal responsibility.
  8. Security and health at work.
  9. Environmental sustainability.
  10. Commitment to equality.

By now ITM exports its own branded products to more than 70 countries, consolidating its position among the leading companies in the sector both nationally and internationally.

Imagen de un mapa mundial que muestra las exportaciones globales de ITM desde España.
Imagen de un mapa mundial que muestra la presencia global de ITM.